Thursday, March 20, 2008


This morning our local theatre was showing Horton Hears A Who at a discounted price for moms with small kids. The cost was a matinée price for me, a dollar each for the boys, and free for Adriana...right up my wallet's alley. So we snuck away from the busyness of preparing for tomorrow's trip to Michigan and went to hear Jim Carrey's voice coming out of an elephant.
It was Adriana's first ever movie theatre experience. With the help of an entertaining big screen and a bag full of animal crackers, she did surprisingly well. She even started laughing at a comical scene and looking up at me said, "Funny!"
Elijah is always bursting with questions about everything in life, so we had a pre-movie talk about just watching and not talking.
A couple of times he turned and asked me something, realized what he had done, and loudly said, "Wait, I'm not supposed to ask you any questions!"
At another point he declared, in a volume level that the whole crowd could hear, "Mom, I just accidentally ate a booger!"
It was a fun morning, and now my tired kiddies are down for a nap to dream dreams of Who-ville and mean kangaroos. And I have a trip to pack for...
See you next week!

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