Friday, November 30, 2012

Braids & Such

Ava Lou now talks and acts like she's one of the big kids. She insists on dressing herself and doing everything else herself. Our social worker commented on how much everyone in the family raved about Ava. We all just can't get enough of her. She regularly has us in stitches, and seems to know that the her ability to make us all laugh gives her some sort of celebrity status in our home. The other day she passed gas and casually commented, "Excuse my bum." 

And with the braids, oh Lord help us; it's hard not let her get away with anything when she's sporting those braids.



On a more serious note, the author of one of the blogs I follow is over in Ethiopia right now meeting her daughter and going to court to make her officially part of their family. She also had the chance to visit one of the government orphanages there. You may have already followed this link that I posted on my Facebook page: but if not, take the time to read THIS. Take the time to open you eyes and your heart to a world outside of our "American dream". I know doing this in my own life is a journey I've only just begun. 

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