Sunday, November 18, 2012

Support Us With Coffee

Our home visits are done. *head thrown back shouting "hallelujah"* And honestly, they were so much less intimidating than I expected. The social worker checked our closets and didn't find any skeletons. (We hid them in the attic.... kidding. Kidding.)

When she was doing our family interview, she asked us why we wanted to adopt from Ethiopia. Before Steven or I had the chance to answer, Adriana piped up confidently, "Because we like their food." 

The sick humor side of me wonders what would have happened if I had just looked up at the social worker with a straight face, and said, "Yep, that pretty much sums it up."

And now that the home study is about complete, we're facing the dossier and the holidays. As Steven and I spent time praying over where the $9,000 that needs to accompany the completion of the dossier is coming from, I wondered if I couldn't combine the Christmas shopping season with raising money for the dossier. 

So, as usual, I turned to coffee. 

No really, I did. There's a company called "Just Love Coffee Roasters" that comes along adopters like us to help raise money. They sell sustainable, fair trade coffee in every roast you could want. And you can even join their coffee club to have your coffee sent to your doorstep regularly. They sell also grinders, mugs, and even the popular Chemex coffee maker. Because what do you get the person on your Christmas shopping list who has everything? COFFEE!!

You can go HERE to our profile on the website and simply click the "Shop & Support" button on the left. A portion of anything you purchase after that goes to our adoption fund. It's that easy.

Shopping for Christmas gifts, getting coffee, and supporting an orphan finding her way to a family aching to love her? I don't see a downside here. 

And if you're ever looking for to purchase coffee again, I'll be keeping the link under the "Our Adoption" tab of this blog. Now go get yourself some java!


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  1. I love Just Love Coffee!!! And, CONGRATS on finishing up your home study!!! HURRAY!!!!!

    *That photo is the cutest!! :)


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