Friday, November 9, 2012

Home Visits

This next week we'll be embarking on a big step for our adoption. Our home visits will take place; and to be honest, this is the part I'm most nervous about. It's not that I have things to hide, but the idea of someone, coming into my home and evaluating me and my family is a bit nerve-racking. Not a bad thing, just humbling. So I'll give a little update here after all of that; because as long as everything goes well, the social worker's report will complete the home study portion of our adoption process. This is HUGE since it is the most work-intensive part of the adoption paper-chase process. After this is complete, we move on to putting our dossier together for Ethiopia. For those of you who don't know what that word even means, a dossier (pronounced dah-see-ay) is a packet with many notarized papers that gives the country we're adopting from a detailed description and record of Steven and me and our family.

Also, our first adoption fund-raiser, the photo mini-sessions went SO well. I had prayed many times for God's blessing on this; and He blew me away (it's His specialty). It was a perfect day, two days before we were slammed with Hurricane Sandy. Everyone that participate was an absolute delight. I went to bed that night unbelievably exhausted and unbelievably grateful! You can check out a taste of the photos over at my photography blog HERE.


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