Monday, March 11, 2013

A Single Snow Day

In typical Northern Virginia style, our one good snow of the year was preceded by a warm spring-like weather and followed by a day where the temperature melted our 8" of snow down to yard swamps. My son sat in awe as his Grammy explained that when she was growing up in Northern Michigan the snow wouldn't melt for five months. To him, it sounded to good to be true (to me it sounded like the kind of bad dreams I have after a chocolate binge before bed).

So they relished our one snow day; and we did it up with snow suits, a roaring fire, and, of course, hot chocolate.

 photo snow-2copy_zps3eab9105.jpg

 photo snow10_zpsf48804c9.jpg

 photo snow9_zpsb756fd3e.jpg

 photo snow-8copy_zpseb18c8c3.jpg

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