Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nellie, Quotes, & See You Soon

To my joy, my daughter already loves playing with her baby dolls. It's lots of fun to "play house" with my girly. On her first birthday, my parents gave Adriana a special baby doll named "Nellie" that was actually my first baby doll.

Kissing Nellie:

Eating Nellie's hair:

I also thought I'd share some recent Isaiah quotes...

Isaiah to his little brother who was acting up: "Elijah, I'm officially going to have to tell your dad now."

Isaiah to Uncle Tyler (with exasperation in his voice...I wonder where he got this from...): "Tyler, I don't want to have to tell you a third time to tell me a story."

Isaiah to the neighbor girl after being asked if Hannah was his babysitter: "Yeah, she's my babysitter sometimes; but sometimes she comes over and is just my aunt."

Finally, we're headed on a big family vacation with my family. As any other mommy knows, eights days of vacation mean many, many hours of preparation. Therefore, this will be my last post before our trip. I'm borrowing an idea from one of my favorite blogs and will be trying (note the word "trying") to post one photo a day while we're gone. Until then....

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