Saturday, August 18, 2007


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  1. YEAH for Adriana!!! I love the walking photos! You are having too much fun with your camera :) She looks SO proud of herself! That's a beautiful park you went too ... isn't it nice to have Steve around a bit more? I remember it being sort of stressful with job hunting, but still nice to have some extra memory-making time together. I talked to AJ and we'd really like to fly both you and Steve out here. We're saving our frequent flier miles for a few more months so we can afford a couple of tix. Once things settle down job-wise, you'll have to let us know and maybe we can start looking into a pacific getaway next spring? Ok, denial is definitely not diminishing my mountains of laundry. Boo :(. Loved getting to read a week's worth of updates! - C


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