Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Watching your child finally understand something that you have taught them is such a good feeling. It's like when they finally grasp potty training; an oh-so-necessary life skill that you yourself (with the help of 245 M&M's) have taught them. Or, how about the first time you watch your child successfully dress himself! Another fun first that I love to teach is how to write their name. Isaiah has had it down for awhile now, and Elijah is almost there. Now they love to write it whenever possible; even cement and pail of water provide the perfect opportunity for practice:

Such basic things that, as a mom, I have the privilege of teaching my little ones. My personal favorite is watching their little minds and hearts slowly begin to take in the message of the gospel. It brings me so much joy to watch them use their pudgy little fingers to recall the five words that remind them of the truth: "Christ (pointing to their thumb) died (their pointer finger) for (middle finger) my (ring finger) sins (pinky)!" My daily prayer is that they would repent and believe in Christ's finished work of redeeming sinners. As a mother, I can think of nothing more fulfilling.

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