Thursday, November 15, 2007


One of the many beauties of parenting is that you get to re-experience childhood. Before you become a parent, you've forgotten what a thrill going down the slide can bring, just how silly the hippopotamus at the zoo is, what fun Legos are, or how many different imaginary things a stick can be. Parenting brings those things back to life.
Recently I've been introducing my boys to many of the books and movies that were favorites of mine as a child. I teared up again when we read about the Ingall's dog Jack dying, and fell in love once more with the Anne of Green Gables movie. (Julie, that made me miss you.)
Beyond the sentiment, do you know how absolutely hilarious it is to watch, "Sound of Music" with a 4 and 5 year old boy!? It was their first time. Elijah called it the "Captain Movie"; and while Maria wandered around the Von Trapp grounds at night, asked why she was not in bed at "dark time".
When the children are let in the abbey gate to see Maria, Isaiah asked if the nuns were going to "lock the children inside." Later, when Georg was about to confess his love, he clapped his hands over his ears. When asked why, he told me, "I don't want to hear him say, 'will you marry me!'" Those same hands went over the eyes when the inevitable kiss arrived.


  1. So that's why they asked me if I wanted to see "The Captain Movie." They told me it was new. Haha!

  2. I miss Alyssa Anne pics!!! :) Isn't the Sound of Music WONDERFUL?! That's amazing that A. has launched into sentences!!! What a girl. Again, it makes me think that I have a boy in girl's clothing. Elaina is WAY more into the animal sounds and bouncing around and pushing buttons and figuring out how things work than girly stuff. She still eats flowers. lol... If your boys can't handle a sound of music kiss, they might need some serious therapy after witnessing the Anne-Gilbert wooing! lol... I don't envy you on the legos though. I got my fill of them growing up with all brothers :) I really only liked them to build stables for My Little Ponies :) We don't have cable or tv stations that come in, but I've been thinking of saving up for the Little House tv box set for when she gets older. That is the best show ever! Every time I watch E. run through a field, I think back to the show intro with Laura running through the meadow. lol... Give your little remote-thief a hug from us! Any fun holiday plans with your fam? Please send them our love. (I can't BELIEVE how grown up Josiah is now! I saw his facebook profile ... it's amazing how the time flies!). Have a lovely weekend ... -C


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