Saturday, November 24, 2007

Still No Photos

We are still photo-less at the SiebFam blog, but this time for a slightly more interesting reason. The Photoshop package was stolen off of our front porch. After we saw that the tracking posted its arrival yesterday, Steven played detective to try to get to the bottom of what had happened. We had had another package stolen off our porch a month ago but didn't realize it until almost two weeks after the incident. This time we were determined to take it more seriously. Steven talked to the post office and neighbors and even had a home visit from a post office manager. The postman confirmed that the package truly had been left on our doorstep, and a neighbor told us that they had seen the package but noticed it was gone a little while later. We ended up filing a police report.
It feels strange to have something stolen from you. Beside having some yard-salers pilfer a few trinkets from my table, it's something I've never experienced. It is such a wonderful opportunity for me to step back and realize just how amazing God's grace truly is to a sinner like me.
I was able to download a free trial of Adobe Lightroom so I'll be posting our Thanksgiving pic. But I still have the photos piling up...I guess it's back to ebay for me...gotta' get that Photoshop...

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