Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I can't get over the vocabulary differences between my boys and girl. I was reading an animal book to Adriana the other day and was remembering how much better the boys, by her age, could imitate the sounds. While Isaiah could clearly tell you everything "gobble-gobble" to "hee-haw," Adriana will tell you that a cat says "Ow" and just defaults to "woof-woof" for most of the other animals.
Now words, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Adriana vocabulary at 16 months is better than Elijah's on his second birthday. To my surprise, the girl has already moved on to short sentences. After carrying the remote around for a little while the other day, she said, "I put back now;" and walked over the drawer to fulfill her promise. Later, she was looking for her father and called out, "Daddy, Daddy, Where ah you?" She seems to have some innate need to communicate....a definite female.

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