Friday, November 16, 2007

Where Are The Photos?

It was noted that photos have been absent from the postings this week. There is a reason. When I did my sister's senior photos and a family portrait for a friend of mine, I decided to do the free month trial of Adobe Photoshop CS3 (a dangerous idea). The effect of the trial was exactly the one Adobe intended for it have. Now I can't photographically live without it and can't bear to post-process with my trial up. Since I have a photography job coming up this weekend and hope to get more, I decided to invest the money I earned from photographing to buy Photoshop CS2 (almost the same). I was able to go on ebay and get it for less than half it's original price, but now I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. When it comes, I'll share some photos of Steven's 30th birthday and other ones from our visit to Burke Lake. Until then, here's one last photo (from my CS3 month) of my adorable second born.

Thanks for all the encouragement I've received about my photos. You guys have been so kind, and it means a lot.

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  1. how adorable! he is growing up! he's losing those cute chubby cheeks! I guess that eventually happens, huh? :) miss you girl!


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