Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving and Decorating

We spent a fun Thanksgiving at my parents. My brother was home from college and my brother-in-law got over his stomach virus in time so that the entire clan could be there. My boys spent the morning watching the parades and the evening scarfing down Grammy's delicious food. We were also sure to get a walk in the schedule since the temperature was hanging out in the 60's.
The next day was a first for us as Steven, my mom, and I headed out for some Black Friday shopping. The deal of the day was the jacket I bought myself at Macy's for $2.49!
Today, we stuck to our little family's Saturday-after-Thanksgiving tradition of getting our home decorated for Christmas. Isaiah woke up early this morning, and Steven went down to tell him that he needed to sleep some more.
"Dad, I'm so excited to decorate the Christmas tree," was his sweet explanation.
Later (as in- 6:40 a.m.) I went down to begin the day (their decision, not mine). I greeted Adriana with a playful, "Good morning...why do you like to get up so early?"
Isaiah gently corrected me, "Mom, have you forgotten that it's a holiday; and people can get up whenever they like?"
The boys were enthusiastic helpers as we put up the ornaments. Their Grandpa and Grandma Sieb give them their own ornaments every year, and they are proud to be in charge of making sure each one get a nice spot on the tree.
Adriana spent the time in awe of the tree, repeatedly saying, "Pretty! Pretty!" When we first plugged in the lights she went up to them and tried to blow them out (somebody has been to one to many birthday parties...).
As we admired and talked about the nativity at the end of the day, Isaiah posed a question, "I was just wondering, why was Jesus born on Christmas instead of Thanksgiving?"

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  1. Yeah, it was good to be home and be fed. I had a good time with you, Lyss, thanks for always letting me know you care.


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