Friday, January 4, 2013


Probably like you, I've spent the week recovering from the holidays and helping my kids recover from the holidays (can anyone say, "meltdowns" and "more meltdowns"). It was a truly beautiful Christmas, probably my favorite yet. And while I have lots of photos yet to post, here are some of my personal Christmas highlights.

1) Receiving our home study in the mail a couple days before Christmas. (Look, kids, look at Mommy jumping up and down shrieking.) It's amazing how many hours of work can be enclosed in such a small packet.

2) Christmas Eve traditions with our kids- bagels, fireplace, Charlie Brown Christmas, and pajama day.

3)  Packing into Mom & Dad's house with all my siblings and pretending that 20+ years hasn't changed anything. (Though the obligatory, flash-photo group shot shows that things have changed just a touch.)

4) Copious amounts of coffee courtesy of my mom's never-ending coffee pot.

5) Movie tickets from my brother so we could go see Les Miserables. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about the movie. Stunning cinematography; raw, emotional singing; and a profound story of salvation through grace over the law. If you've ever seen the play, you'll be that much more in love. There are many nods to my absolute favorite Broadway production.

6) A new sister. Because my brother made the smartest decision of his entire life to date. Welcome to the family, Samantha.

7) An engagement party complete with some amazing Egyptian food courtesy of my brother's future mother-in-law.

8) Numerous rounds of my new favorite family game where Adriana can hold her own against Steven and even the adults don't want to stop playing. (Thanks to my own mother-in-law for this gift!)
Spot It! by Blue Orange Games {Bestseller!}

9) Gifts that made me cry...literally- the sweetest "We Can't Wait To Meet You" note from my parents to the granddaughter they have yet to lay eyes upon, donations made in my name to ministries dear to my heart, and a necklace from my husband that I can hardly take off. Who needs Santa?!?


  1. LOVE this post! meltdowns have been our norm for the past couple of weeks..ha! the necklace is BEAUTIFUL - so thoughtful! And, congrats on the home study!!!! AWESOME!!

  2. We have SPOT IT & love it too!


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