Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Of Flower Girls, Family, and Lakes

As I mentioned in the last post, we went up to Northern Michigan (my place of origin) to go to my cousin's wedding. My cousin, Carly, is like a little sister to me, and she had asked Adriana to be her flower girl. Our family stayed in a lakeside cabin next to the chapel where the wedding was held. I think the best way to tell about the trip is in my favorite form- pictures. But I have a mother fail here. I spent a lot of the weekend with Adriana as we had girl-time enjoying the many wedding party activities. And Ava was, as always, tagging along as close to her big sister as possible. My boys, however, spent much of the trip traipsing after their uncles and cousins. And when I got home, I discovered that my camera card had not one single photo of my boys from the whole weekend. Not one! And they looked so stinkin' cute, too. Major mother fail.

Freezing water or not, toes must be dipped...
 photo baileywedding-1_zps99b02b9d.jpg

 photo baileywedding-2_zps5c73058d.jpg

It's a kid's duty to throw back anything that the lake has worked hard to wash onto shore...
 photo baileywedding-3_zps7ccf6884.jpg

 photo baileywedding-4_zps632c661f.jpg

 photo baileywedding-5_zps4613e4ba.jpg

After the dress went on: "I feel like a princess...like Daddy's princess."...
 photo baileywedding-8_zpsb7df9776.jpg

 photo baileywedding-10_zps98d010b5.jpg

 photo baileywedding-11_zpsd8b2b219.jpg

With one of my other gorgeous cousins...
 photo baileywedding-12_zpscbb67774.jpg

Two of my brothers and my sister...
 photo baileywedding-14_zpsfe03036a.jpg

 photo baileywedding-18_zpse8ce95c0.jpg

 photo baileywedding-19_zps28c98587.jpg

 photo baileywedding-17_zpsbc9d0815.jpg

Sweet then natural...
 photo bailey102_zpsf81a4519.jpg

My parents and more of Hannah...
 photo blogtemplate2copy-2_zps3624024e.jpg

Nephew + bow tie = irresistible
 photo baileywedding-20_zps906fbbf2.jpg

Pre-wedding jitters: "Mom, I'm so worried. What if I mess up?"...
 photo baileywedding-21_zps8f7164cd.jpg

Man and wife...
 photo baileywedding-22_zpsc12929f7.jpg

 photo bailey100_zps340108f4.jpg

 photo baileywedding-37_zps0316063a.jpg

Two peas in a pod...
 photo baileywedding-32_zpsa8df4d2d.jpg

It's a treat to have a front-row seat watching their sister friendship develop...
 photo baileywedding-34_zps294eadb7.jpg

 photo baileywedding-35_zpsc8c0c538.jpg

He's all mine...
 photo bailey101_zps3cb91f17.jpg

My mom had just lost her sister unexpectedly a few days before the wedding, so being with her siblings was extra special...
 photo baileywedding-27_zps34b96c22.jpg

A more realistic family photo. It's fun to watch your mom put on her little sister hat...
 photo baileywedding-42_zpsb2742a84.jpg


  1. Beautiful wedding pictures. In which part of northern Michigan did the wedding take place? What lake is that?

    1. Thanks. The wedding took place in Manistee right off of Portage Lake.


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