Monday, May 13, 2013


About a month after our wedding, I turned to my new husband, eyes welling up newlywed adoration, and shared an idea that sounded entirely romantic to me: "We should get a puppy."

My romantic puppy snuggling bubble was immediately burst by the horrified look on Steven's face. I was informed that he had no intention of ever owning anything with fur, gills, or scales. Instead a few months later, a sonogram showed that he had gifted me with a little thing that would turn out to have big brown eyes and soft hair. But pets were never to be.

This has found the kids and I doing the only thing there is left to do: making pets out of insects. My kids were jumping up and down with excitement the other day at the siting of the first cicada. (Just you wait, my dears. Just you wait.) Then they spent the better part of the afternoon making pets out of every caterpillar they could get their hands on- naming them, making them cardboard homes, doting on these poor little creatures, and seeing who could use their new "pets" to scare Dad the most.

 photo caterpillars-1_zpscb217515.jpg

 photo caterpillars-2_zpsfdef1ff9.jpg

 photo caterpillars-3_zps807a8ca0.jpg

 photo caterpillars-4_zps7166b114.jpg

 photo caterpillars-5_zps32889f65.jpg

And if I'm entirely honest, there are many a day that I thank God that my husband refused to give me one more thing to clean up after...


  1. Just so you know... those caterpillars will become gypsy moths which are not native to this area and are wreaking havoc on the trees of northern VA...killing them. SO... if your kids keep them in jars until they move no more... that isn't a bad thing! ;)


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