Friday, May 3, 2013

DC Days {American Indian Museum}

 photo april2013-15_zps1561af7e.jpg

Now that the weather is warmer, we're back to our family tradition of D.C. Days, as we now call them. D.C. Days are simple: they involve taking advantage of one or two of the large amount of free tourist attractions that just happen to be short drive from our home, a single backpack filled with the necessities, an Ergo for short-legged little gal in our family, and at least one Starbucks trip. ("It's Mommy and Daddy's reward for keeping four kids alive in a big city.") We've found these days to hold some of our favorite family memories.

This last one was a trip to the American Indian Museum...

 photo april2013-12copy_zpsfad9523c.jpg

 photo april2013-11copy_zps437ade34.jpg

 photo april2013-13copy_zpseeca362c.jpg

 photo april2013-17_zps9d3d40d2.jpg

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