Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soldier Boy

I'm currently in recovery mode from driving up to my cousin's gorgeous wedding in Northern Michigan. And I truly mean recovery. The ride there we did through the night. Sleeping kids in the car= pure bliss. The way home we spent 15 hours in the car enjoying a range of activities that made me remember why I hate road trips. Tired children entertaining themselves with who they could annoy the most, Ava dumping the food and drinks we were letting her snack on, me puking in a grocery bag as I got carsick in the Allegheny Mountains..the next morning it was like a hangover without the alcohol.

So while I'll blog about the lovelier parts of our trip later, I thought you might enjoy seeing my little brother (the family soldier) and his fiance's engagement pictures that I was able to quickly do when he flew in to meet us for a full day. Just head over HERE for a peek.

I'll see you on the other side of the laundry pile...

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  1. you just reminded me why i despise road trips!! Esp. with littles....oh my, we have another long one coming up next month and i'm already dreading it!! glad you are home safely and i hope the recovery is a quick one!!! :) GORGEOUS shots!!


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