Friday, March 23, 2007

All Things Girly

It is so much fun to have someone else in the house who appreciates feminine things. I just didn't expect to get to start having girly fun with Adriana at such a young age. She enjoys sitting and playing with bracelets or watching me do my hair. A recent thing she has started to do is sit on my lap while I put on my make-up. She sits quietly chewing on the (closed) mascara stick and watching her mommy apply some Cover Girl.
But better than her love of jewelry or make-up, is a love that officially bonifies her a girly girl. If my closet is open and she's roaming around my room, here's what I'll find her doing:
She loves SHOES!! I had to get a photo as she tried on pumps for the first time:
I'm so excited! Another girl in the house to appreciate why you really do need another pair of black heels! I'm picturing future shopping trips to DSW Shoe Warehouse while my husband is picturing empty wallets...

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