Monday, March 19, 2007


If you saw that I added a list of my favorite books in the left column of this blog, you might have noticed that the first spot belongs to Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers. Next to my Bible, there no other book that I love more. I often add it as a supplement to my daily devotions, and this morning was no different. But today, I was called away from my reading time on the couch by a, "Mommeeee...Come wipe meeee!"
Sometimes, with a baby in the house growing and changing so fast, you forget what they are now capable of. And, as I left the room to answer the urgent call, I forgot that my daughter is capable of pulling herself up to couches. So when I returned, I found my precious, leather-bound book had become a tasty morning snack for Adriana.

So, I've learned two things: I can no longer leave things on the couch, and my daughter has good taste in books.


  1. Good taste in books, indeed. Have you ever wondered just what is is about paper that makes it so delicious?

  2. hey if it makes you feel better, I herd that at list they getting the fiber out of. :)

  3. The evil side of grandparenting is watching replays of your children in your grandchildren. . . and trying not to feel revenge. I still have the hand-written commentaries on the book of Romans in my favorite Bible.


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