Saturday, March 24, 2007

Coming Your Way...

Coming your way on the blog this next week will be some guest bloggers- three of them to be exact. I wanted to be able to introduce them before I turn the blog over to them.
Up first will be I.J.S. He is four years old; though he would want me to emphatically include in his bio that he has only 2 more months until he is 5 years old (which I've been informed is old enough to learn to fly a helicopter). He is interested in sports, writing letters of the alphabet, and provoking his younger brother. His favorite story in the Bible is the Tower of Babel and his favorite book is Charlotte's Web.
Secondly, we'll be hearing from E.G.S. He is three years old and has beautiful reddish hair that sticks straight up every morning. He is interested in food, food, and more food. His favorite story in the Bible would be anything that involves food and his favorite book is probably any local grocery store flyer that has pictures of... you guessed it... food!
Third, it will be A.E.S. This will be our only female guest blogger. She is almost 9 months old and is short on words but big on smiles. Her interests are pulling herself up on furniture and eating Cheerios. Her favorite story in the Bible is Queen Esther and her favorite book is Valley of Vision.
So watch out for them next week!

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