Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Post By Isaiah

Blogging about the subject of his choice:
I like to play. I like to play basketball, and I like to play...[thinking] And I like to play soccer ball. And I like to play baseball. When I play army, we shoot and we fight 'cause it's so fun. I like to be the captain like we're pretending we're on a boat and we're playing a game like freeze tag. I like to play Indians [Mom tries to veer off to questions.] No, Mom, write "Indians". [Mom writes "Indians", and then we have to stop for an important potty break.]

Mommy questions:
Isaiah, what's the most fun thing you have ever done?
Let me think... Hmmm... Having birthdays. My favorite cake was Lighting McQueen. It was a play toy...you put on my cake. [Last year he had a cake decorated like a race track.] We had ice cream and cake and we played games on my birthday and people sent me presents.
What is your favorite food?
Spinach pie and ravioli.
Do you like to help Mommy take care of your brother and sister?
Yes, I like taking care of them and playing with them and other stuff and I can't think of anything else.
What do you like to draw?
A smiley face and a house and a car...that's all.
What is your favorite part of the day?
Holidays like Christmas.
No, I mean a regular day.
Thanks for helping write Mommy write the blog.
You're welcome. Can I go now?

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  1. Please tell Isaiah we enjoyed his post very much. Picnics are Ali's favorite part of the day, too.


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