Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Post By Elijah

Editor's note:
This post will make little sense to you if you have never seen a Pixar movie.

Blogging about the subject of his choice:
I want to do [talk about] Mr. Incredible. I like to play with Dash. Mr. Incredible...he takes Dash and they play with toys.

Mommy questions:
What's your favorite thing to play with?
Tow Mater
What's your favorite part of day?
Eat at the playground.
What do you like to eat?
Carrots and apples and sandwiches and that's it.
What is your favorite sport?
What do you like to do with Adriana?
Play toys with her.
What do you like to do with Isaiah?
Nothing. [The "can't live with you and can't live with you" relationship continues.]
What do you like to look at when we drive in the car?
Mr. Incredible. I like to go on a motorcycle. [Isaiah butts in at this point to correct Elijah. "No, Elijah, motorcycles are dangerous. Only go on a motorcycle if your wife will let you."]
Elijah, thank you for helping Mommy write the blog.


  1. 1. I know that boy likes to eat more than carrots and apples and sandwiches. In fact I can't believe the answer to every question did not involve food!
    2. It sounds to me like Grammy and Mommy have been influencing Isaiah's opinion of motorcyles.
    3. Some day Red and I will be buzzin' aroung the country on our motorcycles eating at every stop.

  2. What a precious picture! It captures his little personality so well! PS: the barettes are PERFECT! I love them! I also love that color of green ... thank you! I had the most nightmarish ebay customer just now ... she's mad b/c she bought a frayed silk janie and jack (purring princess) dress, size 0-3 months, and she insists it doesn't fit her 0-3 month old and is mad b/c she doesn't like the styling of it. I'm tempted to tell her to take it up with Janie and Jack as she insists the sizing is off and the style is not cute. She wants her money back and has written me two horrible emails. It's like Bad Buyer week on Ebay I think. This isn't the first kooky person I've dealt with lately. So I've been posting things on Craigslist lately ... free to post ... and I've been getting MUCH better prices for things... even selling baby clothes! I sold a box of VERY WELL USED pjs from target for $30. I bet your craigslist is even bigger than ours. Anyway... we're busy selling everything thing we own on it now :) Here's our posting: ... I love the kiddie blogging! Happy Wednesday to you guys ... - C, AJ and E

  3. That's s'posed to be Daddy/Papa. Grammy thought Steven had written it.


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