Friday, May 18, 2012

Laugh With Me

I was in a coffee shop, sitting across the table from a dear friend as she told me that she was now doing editing for a wonderful magazine. Immediately, I had two different reactions well up:

"Fabulous! What an amazing opportunity!! I'm so, so happy for you!"

And as much as I genuinely felt this way and was so happy, another thought crept into my head, Why, oh, why do I always seem to make friends with so many wonderful writers and editors?!? Is this some sort of curse my mother wished upon me?!

One of my closest friends has written two books and edited many other books and articles. Another close friend used to edit papers for a living. My childhood best friend could carefully edit the pants off of any paper and went to college for journalism. My brother, also a journalism graduate, has a job writing and editing proposals. And my mom can spot a typo from across the room.

And then there's me.

I approach writing with the same haphazard, free spirit that I approach everything else. And when you do that with writing, it's not pretty. I used to drive my mother crazy with the book reports I would have her check over before we sent them in. The paper would be full of the dreaded red pen markings as I was sent back to re-write and re-write those nightmares. I cannot for the life of me, spot mistakes in my writing. When I blog, I usually have my hot hubby edit for me; and while he's a lot better than I am, it's amazing the typos I find in posts a month after I've written them.

Then with my self-conscience attitude, I can just cringe at the amount of perfect writers that just read me recommending "coconut old" in my post covering good oil options.

So when you who knowest thy grammar so well spot a typo in my post, please feel free to laugh.

I try.

And since it's Friday, if you feel like laughing some more, watch one of my YouTube videos. Steven and I came across it again after we hadn't seen it in awhile, and we laughed so hard. Maybe the fact that we used to lived 30 miles from the Canadian border has something to do with our love of it. So have fun watching this while I read my post 26 times over trying to find those elusive typos...

Canadian Border Patrol:

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