Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Littlest Nephew

As the oldest of seven kids, I was the first to do almost everything. First one married, first one to have a child and then another child and then another child. Finally, I put my foot down and demanded that someone else help me with this producing grandchildren thing.

So I was the last one to experience the euphoria of being an aunt. It was beyond what I had hoped, maybe a taste of what grandparenting will be like one day. "Oh, you want ice cream? Sure. Want to top that with some candy and a late bedtime?"

I now have two nieces and three nephews. My youngest nephew is almost a year old and is a tiny little thing. Tiny but spunky. I was wishing for a cuddle with him today. And since I won't be able to, you all will have to be subjected to photos of him instead.




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