Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Field Trip & The Marrs Family

We picked the coldest day of the week to take a field trip to the farm with some friends. There we discovered that Ava, while fearless in the areas where one should have discretion (i.e. flipping off of furniture, jumping in large bodies of water), actually does have some fears...namely the unnecessary kind (freaking out while big sister pets a pig, etc.) Isaiah, however, decided that he wanted a pet pig. I welcomed him to try to convince his dad, who won't even consider getting a fish, that a pig would be a good idea. My suggestion was to try the bacon angle.

 photo april2013-1copy_zps73a356a2.jpg

 photo april2013-2_zps90200e54.jpg

 photo april2013-3_zps2b42bbd7.jpg

 photo april2013-7_zps24139e96.jpg

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And now switching gears here. (As said by Chris Farley in my head; bless you if you actually understood that.)

A blog friend of mine just so happened to be featured on Give1Save1 two weeks after we were. This family is actually much closer to bringing their little girl home and have even seen her sweet face. Head over to Give1Save1, watch their precious video, give that dollar (or 2 or 5!), and pass it on. I love how easy that blog makes it to support adoption!

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