Friday, April 5, 2013

Picture It...Easter

To Michigan we headed...
 photo easter2013-1copy_zps4a946651.jpg

Three generations of Sieb ladies...
 photo easter2013-3copy_zps256f116c.jpg

 photo easter2013-4copy_zpsbf2f72c1.jpg

 photo easter2013-5copy_zps52e33c42.jpg

 photo easter2013-6copy_zpsc792e948.jpg

 photo easter2013-7copy_zps42f08e6d.jpg

 photo easter2013-9copy_zps46d7f483.jpg

 photo easter2013-8copy_zps08e91dc9.jpg

The cousins...
 photo easter2013-10copy_zps6ce9480b.jpg

At the end of our visit, we stopped by the new River Raisin National Battlefield. Dressing up was the highlight... (Unless you're a pre-teen with a reputation to protect.)
 photo easter2013-12copy_zpsf4b5ba4f.jpg

 photo easter2013-13copy_zpsa5e6c281.jpg

 photo easter2013-14copy_zps31afd2af.jpg

 photo easter2013-15copy_zps7870ce06.jpg

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