Monday, April 15, 2013

Grand Total {Give1Save1}

We finished our week on Give1Save1, and I teared up more than once as people poured out generosity and kindness on our family.

Our grand total for the week was...
 photo g1s1-1_zpsd082bce4.jpg

One of the things this adoption process has shown me so far is how lacking I am when it comes to expressing myself. The words "thank you" have plunked out of my mouth so often seeming to just fall to the floor and not capture the heart of my gratitude. I am truly overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share our video.
Thank you to our dear friends and family who were happy to be borderline obnoxious by sharing our video over and over.
Thank you to my blogger friends who took the time to dedicate a post to us.
Thank you to the all people who were willing to donate towards the future of our family.
Thank you to those of you who had never seen our family's faces before viewing the video and yet still were so generous.
Thank you to the G1S1 girls who are kind of my heroes for being moms who take the time to have a huge worldview and then do something about it.
Thank you to my West Coast sista' who nominated us and then, in the middle of her own adoption transition, took the time to drum up probably about half of what we made. (Council member for life, g-friend!)

Now that I feel like I've finished a sub-par acceptance speech for an Oscar, you can get a taste of why all of y'all's love for our family blows my mind.

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  1. Amazing!! And your Oscar speech was eloquent and beautiful :-)!


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