Monday, April 1, 2013

Wait For It...

Have y'all ever heard of Give1Save1? It's a powerful adoption blog. A group of ladies who believe in taking Jesus' command to "look after orphans" literally started this dear spot on the internet. Each week they feature a video of a family in the middle of an adoption process. The premises is simple: they ask that you give $1 to the featured family and then share their video with your friends so that they can give $1. The farther the web goes, the more money is made without a financial burden on anyone.

Unbeknownst to me, my west coast bestie "nominated" us to be on the blog. Give1Save1 asked us to make a video for our nomination, and early this year; I finally got my act together enough to do so. We sent in it, and we're thrilled to hear that they would be featuring our little Sieb Fam.

As of right now, we go on Monday, April 8th. We can't wait to show you our video (stop-motion since the dear Lord knows I can't make a decent live-action video to save my life), and share the link.

So tune in on April 8th...


  1. AWESOME!!! Super excited to see your video!!! We'll be on there the week of April 29th! yay for April Give1 families!! Can't wait to see how God moves!!

    1. Really looking forward to seeing your video and participating in your week!


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