Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 1 Total {Give1Save1}

After our first day on Give1Save1 our grand total was:
 photo g1s1-2_zpsa4a2dca4.jpg

Thank you, thank you, and another thank you!

If you haven't yet, PLEASE watch and share our video. Remember it's simple, ONE dollar and ONE share can make a big difference. You can find it all HERE.
 photo Capture_zps2425e5fa.png

Only about half of our adoption fees have been paid so far, and we're so grateful that this is helping us to bring our girl home! We've gotten a question about where this money is going. I'm going to answer that question the cheaters way by not copying down all of our itemized info but referring you to another adoptive momma who has itemized it out HERE.

Again, thank so much to those of you who have already participated.

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