Friday, June 1, 2012

The Potty Training Fairy

Do you believe in fairies? If there were such things, then the pregnancy fairy hates me (nine months of barfing...yeah, baby!) but the potty training fairy has been rather good to me in the past. My first took 6 months to fully train; but after that, the potty training fairy visited us twice without me lifting a finger. Both Elijah and Adriana woke up one morning before their second birthday; and obviously having receiving a visit from said fairy during the night, they decided that using a toilet made much more sense.

But Ava's birthday came and went with no such visit. I looked back at one of her birthday party photos and realized a good caption for it.

"So you think I'm just going pee on the potty for you!?"

At the beginning of potty training boot camp day one (this past Monday), I was quite nervous having had so little experience. I had the rugs rolled up and the rooms with carpet locked. I decided to make notes of what happened and when, all the while praying the potty training fairy would grace us with her presence. So here it is:

8:47- Training officially starts. We'd been talking about this for awhile now and I announced, in my most sugar-coated, candy voice, that Ava was a big girl and got to start wearing panties and going on the potty. Won't that be so fun! I even added that candy would be given any time success is achieved.
8:48- Loud shrieks of "NOOOOO POTTY!!!!" erupt from my daughter's cherub mouth.
8:49- Put on the throne.
8:50- Hops down and announces she is done.
8:51- Full blown fit because she isn't getting candy for sitting for 30 seconds on the pot.
9:20- Breakfast is finished and we're headed to the bathroom.
9:21- Arched back screaming.
10:24- After reading, singing, and spending an hour in the bathroom with Mom, Dad walks in.
10:25- Finally some success! All we needed was a desire to show off for Dad.
11:19- Poopie panties. Let the cleaning fun begin.
11:31- Prompted by the cheers of her siblings (who are merely interested in the fact that the candy emerges if she succeeds), Ava heads back to the bathroom.
11:32- Ava runs into the bathroom, flushes the toilet, and shouts, "YAY!" At least I'm getting an expert flusher out of this.
12:14- Half the pee on the floor, half on the potty. Does this mean we're halfway there?
1:13- This mommy has never been more excited to put a diaper on her little one for naptime.

The next two days continued with "no potty" fits and a little girl happy to sit in her business. (I thought girl's were supposed hate things like that?!)

Headed to yoga class with my sister, Christine, at the end of training day two, I bemoaned my mommy troubles to her.

"You know this isn't supposed to be quick and easy. You are only two days into it," was her sympathetic response. Don't you hate it when your sister won't put up with your whining and you know she's right?

Well, after being put in my proper place, we had a visit in the night. Yep, you guessed it. My favorite fairy in all her dry glory made her call. Ava woke up on day three and decided that, yes, she actually was a big girl. And suddenly she was trained.

And, yes, I feel guilty for ever complaining.

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  1. oh my goodness are you serious? potty training was that easy for you insane.. I did not train Cahill very much as I was so busy dying with my pregnancy and working so not sure how easy she would have picked it up if i tried. all I know was around 2 1/2 i put on panties she peed herself freaked out and then she was trained. we maybe had three accidents and that was all.. Ashy at 18 mths will sit on potty and sing and has peed a couple times but otherwise will pee anywhere but the potty. but we have carpet everywhere so not so good. once we get into new house this summer we will let her run free as there is no carpet on main level..can not believe it was so easy for you


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