Monday, June 25, 2012

Stop for a Minute

I didn't plan to post again today, but I'm too moved/upset not to post a link to this article. God has been slowly opening Steven's and my eyes and heart to the world outside of America. As this has happened, one of the ministries we started to follow was Bring Love In in Addis Ababa. The sustainable way in which this group starting to care for both widows and orphans is impossible not to get enthusiastic about.

Steven texted me the link to the posting from their blog today; and I literally stood in an aisle in Costco, cart full of things with which to fill my family's belly, and read this post. First, please stop for a minute and take the time to read this yourself. Second, please try not to fall into what I'll call "Facebook Syndrome." This is when you read something that moves you or convicts you and then you simply click the next link to help that uncomfortable feeling pass. After you read this, I beg you to stop for a minute, pray, and ask God what action you should take.

Here is the post:

I Needed a Reminder Today 
"Last night Yabi and I spent the night sleeping on the street here in Addis Ababa, we have been talking about the life that many of the kids who are going to be coming into our orphanage came from and it became clear that neither of us really fully understand what its like to live as a homeless person in this city. We felt that the only way we would be able to even begin to grasp what it is like is if we were to go and get down in the dirt with them for a night. So that is what we did yesterday..."  READ MORE HERE


  1. Wow! How humbling. When I'm tempted to complain, I need to see this and rejoice at God's goodness to me and may I be moved to pray for those less fortunate... but also be moved to act and not avoid the uncomfortable. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Wow. I am overwhelmed reading this... Heart-wrenching, convicting, moving... Thank you for sharing this post and this amazing ministry.


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